Yamaha Roland D50 in Maltby, Durham for sale

Yamaha Roland D50

Outstanding keyboard that sounds out of this world. All manuals power lead carry case .
Stunning condition.
Due to my husbands illness this has to go. I will post all spec below.
Technical specifications
Polyphony 16 voices, 8 voices (Dual or Split mode)
Timbrality 2-part
Oscillator 32 partials with 2 per voice; 4 per voice in Dual or Split mode
Synthesis type Linear Arithmetic synthesis
Filter low-pass resonant filter referred to as a Time Variant Filter (TVF)
Attenuator ADSR envelope referred to as Time Variant Amplifier (TVA)
Aftertouch Yes
Velocity sensitive Yes
Memory 64 patches
Effects reverb, chorus, EQ
Keyboard 61 keys
Left-hand control Pitchbend / modulation lever
External control MIDI in/out, pedal switch
The Roland D-50 is a polyphonic 61-key synthesizer produced by Roland, released in 1987. Its features include Linear Arithmetic synthesis, on-board effects, a joystick for data manipulation, and an analog synthesis-styled layout design. The external Roland PG-1000 (1987-1990) Programmer could also be attached to the D-50 for more complex manipulation of sounds. It was also produced in a rack-mount variant design, the D-550 (1987-1990), with almost 450 user-adjustable parameters.[1]
The D-50's capabilities could be modified through the addition of 3rd-party products by Musitronics, most notably the M-EX which made the D-50 multitimbral (the D-50 was bi-timbral), as well as a chip that improved the D-50's response to incoming MIDI commands and a system for burning custom PCM cards with user samples for playback in the D-50.[2